Practicum Opportunities

Practicum Opportunities for Graduate Students

The AACC is dedicated to helping graduate students gain experience to help prepare them for their future careers. We are open to practicum/internship placements from many departments. Below you can find information about our current practicum openings. For more information about potential practicum placement here, please contact the AACC's Director David Chih (

  • Practicum in Higher Education (EOL 589)—Supervised direct experience in the administration of higher education. Graduate students have the opportunity to learn about Asian American and Asian international student communities, cultural centers, inclusion and intercultural relations, in the context of higher education administration. Students can engage in programming, advising, administrative projects, and day-to-day operations of a cultural center.
  • Practicum in Library and Information Science (LIS 591)—Supervised field experience of professional-level duties.
  • Internship in Library and Information Science—Noncredit work experience with negotiable number of hours over any time period. The AACC circulating collection has 1,500 items including books, videos, CDs, magazines and newspapers that focus primarily on the experiences of Asian Americans and on Asian cultures in the United States. Practicum students would gain experience in the following areas: collection development, cataloguing new acquisitions, creating educational displays featuring our collection, grant writing, book club programming, outreach programming with public libraries, residence hall libraries, and public schools. Learn more about the AACC and our resource collection on our website.