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Why Give to the Asian American Cultural Center?

The Asian American Cultural Center is dedicated to fostering appreciation and understanding of Asian American and Asian international experiences. The Center provides diverse and cultural interactions and exchanges for all students at the University of Illinois. A unit within the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, AACC supports the missions of Student Affairs as well as the University.

  • 37% of 45,000 students are Asian International or Asian American.
  • We strive to incorporate Asian experiences and values into the cultural mosaic of this institution.
  • We incorporate intergroup relations and provide opportunities for cross-cultural communication and collaboration.
  • We build and contribute to a diverse and welcoming community within the university.

By making an unrestricted gift to the Asian American Cultural Center, you will:

  • Support the continuation of our mission of helping students become leaders and professionals.
  • Create a better understanding and cultural experiences that prepare students to be citizens of an ever changing, global community.
  • Help Asian American students maintain a strong presence on campus with a long history of student involvement.
  • Continue the legacy and of civic engagement with diverse communities.

Your contribution can support students in the following ways:

$5,000 = Student Internship
$2,500 = Asian American Leadership Development
$1,500 = Resource collection acquisitions and periodical subscriptions for a year
$1,500 = Artist showcases for a year
$1,000 = Campus and Community Engagement
$500 = Four book club selections for a year
$250 = One cultural celebration program
$100 = One film showing with discussion

Another way to make a difference in the lives of Illinois students is through a gift to the Asian Pacific American Alumni Leadership Internship Fund. This fund, established by sixteen initial donors with strong ties to the Asian American Cultural Center, has been created to support one or more student internships. This internship will provide students with opportunities to undertake creative and challenging assignments that promote cross-cultural understanding of Asian Pacific American and Asian international experiences, and that provide educational and cultural support for Asians and Asian Pacific Americans in our university community.   Interns will attend a weekly seminar to develop professional skills and learn about Asian Pacific American and Asian international identities.  Beginning in fall semester 2014, one intern shall be known as the APA Alumni Leadership Intern.  To learn more about the application process for the internship, click here or to support this great initiative, please make a gift in the box below.

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Your donation will go directly to the University of Illinois Foundation which then distributes the funds into the Asian American Cultural Centers Unrestricted Fund's account. The Student Affairs Advancement Office notifies the Asian American Cultural Center of all financial contributions. The University of Illinois Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization, and as such, all gifts are tax deductible.

If you have any questions regarding your gift, or would like to receive further information about ways in which you can give to the Asian American Cultural Center Fund, feel free to contact the Student Affairs Advancement Staff.