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Funds will be disbursed after approval from Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs.

Any significant changes to the program should be reported to SCPF via email. These include but are not limited to changes in date, program structure, speakers, or budget. Certain changes may require re-submission of the application.

All purchases made outside the SCPF guidelines may prohibit future funding requests and/or require full reimbursement to SCPF of funds awarded. 


Event Requests (Involved at Illinois Platform)

  • Individuals and organizations must fill out a reconciliation no later than (30) days after the conclusion of the program. Any funds not reconciled after 30 days will be considered unused and returned to SCPF.
  • You will need to upload documentation to the reconciliation form including:
  1. A copy of the SCPF Reconciliation Form to the Involved at Illinois report to assist with matching purchases to the budget request.
  2. Itemized receipts:all receipts must be intact, clean and legible as to show necessary expense information (Store name, itemized amounts, tax, total amount, etc.) Personal expenses should should not be included on receipts. Each receipt should be on its own page of the pdf.
  3. A copy of all contracts for speakers/vendors.
  4. A copy of an adverstisement. 

OIIR Programming Request (WebTools)

  • OIIR can provide a summary report by May 31. Unused funds will be returned to SCPF after June 1.