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Funding Disbursement

In order to receive the approved funding from the Student Cultural Programming Fee, both the Final Report and the Funding Disbursement Form should be submitted to the SCPF Graduate Assistant, (120 Swanlund Administration Building) NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS AFTER YOUR EVENT.

Final Report

(to be completed by the event coordinator/primary contact)

After your event has occurred, the event coordinator/primary contact should submit a Final Report, which answers the following questions in bullet format:

  • How many individuals attended the event (estimate the number of students, faculty, staff, or community members attended)? If less than 20 individuals attended and food was served please list each individual in attendance by name.
  • Did you experience any problems?
  • Did you meet your stated goal for the event?
  • List all other sources of funding (i.e. SORF, PCC, college departments, etc) and amounts per line item (i.e. Honorarium, Transportation, Lodging, etc.)

Funding Disbursement Form

Shortly after processing the paperwork, an electronic transfer of funds will be made to university accounts. Please make and keep copies of original receipts, if expecting to get reimbursed by your organization or department.

Download the Funding Disbursement Form 2016-2017.