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SCPF Appeals Process

The SCPF policy provides any registered student organization, university program, or department with the right to appeal and request a second meeting on any denied allocation decision. The SCPF Advisory Team will then review a decision pertaining to specific allocation(s). This process is to give applicants an additional opportunity to present any clarifying information to the Advisory Board that they believe proves that the application in question should have been funded under SCPF policy.

Submission of a new application is required to fund a different item, expense, or other application change not included in the original SCPF application or meeting.

In order to file an appeal, please email:, with the following information and “REQUEST FOR APPEAL: [Hearing Date and Application Number]” in the subject line.  If the appropriate information is not provided, the SCPF Advisory Board is under no obligation to move your appeal forward.

  1. Name of Applicant:
  2. Application Number:
  3. University of Illinois Affiliation:
  4. Name of Organization:
  5. Phone:
  6. E-mail:
  7. Funding Period of the Original Request
  8. Description of Original Request
  9. Brief description of why an appeal is sought

Requests for appeals will be submitted to the Direcotor of OIIR. The Director will coordinate with the VCSA's Administrative Assistant to provide the VCSA with a comprehensive appeals packeage comprised of the original SCPF application, an up-to-date SCPF financial ledger, and communication outlining SCPF allocation decisions.

The applicant requesting an appeal may submit any documentation to the VCSA, which they believe would justify a reconsideration of the application’s request for funding and/or allocated amount. The VCSA will notify all members of SCPF leadership with their final determination within 14 business days from the appeal submission date.