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100 Strong Fall 2018 Events

100 STRONG Fall 2018 Events

August 25th(2-3:30pm)-Black OUTS
August 25- Wake Up Call
August 30 7pm - Meet Your Mentor Program
This program will provide students the opportunity to meet their Mentees/Group Leaders while we facilitate it.
Will include team building/games and guided questions to help them break the ice.
September 6th 7pm- 100 STRONG Expo
This program will be an expo including different resources, students should know about but may not be able to know how to go about find out the information
Will include but are not limited to Study Abroad, Navigating Class/Add and Drop Dates, McKinley, etc.)
September 20th -Family Check-In
October 4th 7pm- Diary of a Mad Black Relationship
This program will be centered around the topics of domestic violence and healthy relationships/friendships within the campus climate and as African-Americans as a whole.
October 27-Volunteering
Outreach & Recruitment Chairs and Co-Interns have been working closely with different places for us to all volunteer at, in groups at different locations
October 11th 12-1pm Homecoming Stoop Takeover 
100 STRONG Reunion Conference
(TBA)  Mental Health Awareness
This program will be centered around the imperativeness of Mental Health
We chose this month because it is after midterms but before finals and know that this time can be difficult for many students.