iCU (Now I see What You Mean) OIIR Intercultural Dialogue Series


Spring 2022

Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7pm @ Asian American Cultural Center, 1210 West Nevada Street. Events are PAID FOR BY THE STUDENT CULTURAL PROGRAMMING FEE.

February 16 Uganda at a Glance

Uganda - the “Pearl of Africa”, is a landlocked country with fresh rivers and lakes. You can enjoy the sun all year round as the Equator runs right through it, while awed by the snow-capped mountains. Ugandans are proud of their diverse culture, natural beauty and hospitality.   "We don’t wear Rolex, we eat Rolex!" Come and learn more about Uganda and its people, culture and fun facts as Patrobas tells his stories. 

March 2 Singaporean Culture and Food Night 

Singapore is a tropical city state whose residents enjoy many benefits of its location and cosmopolitan development. Its history is rich with stories and influences the way the country maintains its sovereignty, cultural norms and ethnic makeup. Come learn about the Singapore’s history, society, iconic neighborhoods, and diverse cultures! Dishes common to the country will be cooked and served for participants. 

March 9 Korean Spirit “Han (한)” 

For this session, the presenter will share her understanding about Korean spirit, “Han ()”.  Come and join us to learn the presenter’s interesting interpretation of her being a Korean and how it guides her to understand others and social issues. She will also talk about her understanding of “K-pop” through “Han”! 

March 30 Secrets of Spain 

What do you picture when you think about Spain? You probably know about running of the bulls, soccer teams, flamenco, paella, and Madrid and Barcelona. But have you heard about “silvo gomero", the whistled language from the Canary Islands, or Perez the little mouse, the Spanish tooth fairy? Please join us for a traditional Spanish "merienda" (afternoon/evening snack) to learn about the little-known regions, languages, traditions, and cultural aspects of Spain. 

April 6 Fika Like a Swede

Fika like a Swede with Prajna, as she presents her personal experience living in Sweden for 5+ formative years. She will share her learning from the social culture of Sweden. What is Fika, and what role does it play in different social settings? How to make new friends in Sweden? What is the work culture like? Can you greet strangers with a smile? What is small talk and are Swedes good at it? What should you NEVER ask a Swede? Get your answers to these, many more and anything else you have wondered about Sweden @ the iCU talk.


Fall 2021 

September 1 Sri Lanka 

Known as a beautify tourist destination and the producer of world's finest "Ceylon Tea" and Ceylon Cinnamon", Sri Lanka has a documented history of 3000 years. A small island nation, with its important location on the ancient "Silk Road" trade route, it has been an independent country except for a few times in history. Come join us to learn the rich culture, traditions and languages with unique features and influences from many other nations for over a thousand years.  

September 22 Paraguay - The Heart of South America

Paraguay is a land of tereré, of chipa, and of the sweet guaraní language. Its people are very hard working and are known for their hospitality and making every visitor feel like at home. Join us to experience a little bit of the Paraguayan culture, including some food, drinks, crafts, music and maybe even a traditional dance! Be prepared to learn tons of fun facts about Paraguay and have fun! 

October 13 Ukraine (rescheduled for Spring 2022)

November 17 Canada - A Land of Many Nations 

A brief history and cultural overview of Canada presented through memes and informational videos. This presentation will dive into the many cultures and ethnicities present throughout Canada, discuss certain Canadian-isms, and address current social justice issues.  

Spring 2021

Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 pm (Central Time) via Zoom. Email for event links.

February 24  Myth About Egypt: Debunked   

Ancient Egypt was among the first civilizations ever established in the world. Beginning in around 3000 BC, Ancient Egyptians pioneered many developments and sustained an advanced society. Today, Egypt is home to a quickly growing 100 million people! Egyptians have heritage in Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Europe. As a country deeply influenced by immigration, colonization, and trade, Egypt's vast and rich history is surely something unique. Join us to learn about common misconceptions about Egyptian people and their culture and to learn more about the organization on campus representing its Egyptian students, the Egyptian Student Association or ESA. 

March 17  Bulgaria: A Country of Boundless Beauty and Culture

Bulgaria was established in the year 681. One-thousand three-hundred forty years have passed since then and Bulgaria has changed a lot. Yet, at the heart of Bulgarian are the traditions practiced generations ago. And our incredible land has lots of hidden treasures. Join us understand how history has influenced Bulgarian culture and discover the boundless beauty of this hidden gem of a country! 

April 14   Vietnam

If you have ever heard of Pho, Ao dai, or Ha Long Bay, you are probably referring to some of the most unique aspects of Vietnamese culture and natural heritage. Situated in Southeast Asia - next to China, Laos, and Cambodia - Vietnam is a country full of scenic destinations from busting city views, exotic tropical beaches and islands, to verdant paddy fields. Along with rich layers of history, extraordinary cuisine, and very welcoming people, this is one location your would not want to miss. Join us on a journey to the one and only Vietnam. 

April 28  Romania: Slow Leisure in Modern Times (Rescheduled from Fall 2020)

Walking through the phenomena associated with slow travel leisure in Romania, you will learn about how slow food and tourism can thrive in a country that seeks to maintain its traditional heritage while progressing forward with modern times. You will also visit the forests and explore the untamed nature of the country while learning some fascinating facts.