Social Justice Educator Paraprofessionals

Please watch for the 2021-2022 application and information sessions to begin soon.


Complete your application before October 27, 2019.

Program Overview

The Social Justice Educator Paraprofessional Program is a 3-semester peer education program powered by students for students. The Social Justice Education Paraprofessional Program is designed to promote diversity and student leadership by providing intensive training for students in areas of knowledge, awareness, and skills related to issues of diversity and social justice. Through this program, paraprofessionals serve as a campus leaders in social justice by developing and facilitating educational programs for the campus. Social Justice Education Paraprofessionals receive 11 advanced credit hours in Psychology.

Course Series

PSYC 496 ID3: Facilitating Intergroup Dialogue (Spring semester)

PSYC 496 IDP is designed to give students a general overview of the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate culturally diverse group interactions. 

PSYC 340 SJE: Social Justice Educators (Fall semester)

In the first official practicum course, Social Justice Educators build their presentation strategies and facilitate the I-Journey workshop on request. Class time throughout the semester will include reviewing group dialogue techniques, discussing group issues and intervention strategies, exploring related theories/models, and discussing relevant articles pertaining to facilitation. Other topics addressed in the seminars include: group dynamics, theory and practice, in/out-group conflict, intergroup communication and community building, and methods of attending to personal issues when facilitating

PSYC 341 SJE: Social Justice Educators (Spring semester)

During this course, Social Justice Educators develop 60 minute workshops that become part of the I-Journey workshop on request menu of offerings. As during PSYC 340 SJE, Social Justice Educators continue to facilitate current workshops while working in small teams to develop their own workshops using theory to practice research.

For more information on the Social Justice Educator Paraprofessional program, e-mail the SJEP coordinator Teryl Brewster