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LENS Diversity Certificate

LENS Diversity Certificate Program

Register at the link above by Monday, September 10th. Contact for more information.  

The LENS Diversity Certificate Program is a year-long cohort program that helps Illinois students build important skills and practice for engaging diversity on campus and beyond. LENS Diversity Certificate participants take courses, attend workshops and regular cohort meetings, and design their own action project.  

The LENS Diversity Certificate is open to any university student with a full academic year (fall to spring) remaining. Applications to the LENS Diversity Certificate are accepted in late spring through early fall. 


The LENS Certificate builds both theoretical understanding and practical skills through three “lenses” of diversity:

  • The micro-lens focuses on the individual's personal culture and the intersection of identities
  • The meso-lens focuses on the interpersonal relationships and cross-cultural communication
  • The macro-lens focuses on the institutional, societal, and cultural influences in social justice


The LENS Diversity Certificate follows four areas of development necessary for living and working in a diverse world: Learn, Envision, Navigate, and Synthesize. These require:

LEARN: Increase Knowledge

Take two diversity-related courses from a wide array of University rubrics, one theoretical course and one applied course. One course may be applied from the previous academic year. (Email for more information.)

ENVISION: Enhance Awareness

Attend 3 I-Journey workshops and 1 half-day I-Journey training to develop a deeper understanding of the micro, meso, and macro lenses.

NAVIGATE: Obtain Experience

Attend 10 hours of experiences, workshops, or programs focused on diversity & social justice, and design and complete a Team Service Project with fellow LENS Diversity Certificate participants.

SYNTHESIZE: Optimize Tools

Engage in self-reflection and dialogue by maintaining a LENS Journal and meeting regularly with the LENS Cohort. 

For more information, e-mail Diversity & Social Justice Education