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IJourney workshops are peer developed, peer led workshops covering a variety of topics. Facilitated by pool of trained student-facilitators, IJourney workshops explore issues of social identity, exclusion/inclusion, and being an ally. Student-faciliators with requestors to adapt, modify, or create a workshop to meet the needs of the specific groups.

Request a Workshop

To request an I-Journey workshop for your organization or community, click here. Workshops should be requested two weeks in advance for full consideration. For more information, e-mail us at DiversityEd

Workshop Descriptions:

  • Who Am I? Examining Our Social Identity takes an in-depth look at our personal identities and their effects on the world around us.
  • Enhancing Stereotype Awareness works to draw our attention to stereotypes we hold and how they effect our interactions with other.
  • A Campus Divided: Who, Where, & Why We Segregate explores group dynamics on campus with the goal to increase our awareness and understanding of “self segregation.”
  • I-Include examines the group dynamics behind inclusion and exclusion, and how we may help foster or hinder diversity.
  • Belief: Exploring ways of Making Meaning assists participants in learning from one another about their religious/non-religious beliefs and ways they make meaning.
  • I’m Aware: Examining Our Privilege looks at how privilege is connected with our identities and how it applies to our everyday lives.
  • Real Talk: Connecting Communities through Intercultural Communication provides opportunities to explore ways to communicate effectively across cultural differences.
  • Taking Off the Training Wheels: Cycling through Socialization investigates our own awareness of the ways we are socialized through an interactive art gallery.

...Or perhaps you are interested in a completely different workshop. Let us create a unique workshop that caters specifically to your purpose.