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Affiliated Student Organizations

LGBT Resource Center Affiliated Student Organizations

Due to the closing of the Illini Union, in-person meetings have been cancelled for the rest of the semester. Some organizations are continuing to meet regularly and host events online. To find out more about a specific organization, please contact them at the email and/or page listed below!

A Space

A-Space is a safe space for members of the asexual and aromantic spectrum and their allies. Our meetings range from discussion topics to social meetings, to external activities, sometimes with other LGBTQ student groups. A-Space meets every Monday at 8pm in the LGBT Resource Center. To learn more about A-Space, please email


Campus Union for Trans* Equality and Support (CUTES) is an organization dedicated to advocacy and support of transgender, genderqueer, gender fluid, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming students. CUTES helps bring important visibility to issues affecting trans* people on campus and works with other groups and offices to provide resources that help affirm its members’ gender identities. CUTES meets every Wednesday at 7pm in the LGBT Resource Center. To learn more about CUTES, please email


Fuse is a safe space for questioning and queer people of color (QPOC) to come destress and discuss different topics centered around intersectional identities. We collaborate with other organizations and also host social and educational events. Come as you are! FUSE meets every Tuesday at 7pm. Location TBD. To learn more about FUSE, please email  

Out in Chem

The mission of the Out in Chem student group is to promote and advocate for the interests of the LGBTQ+ members of the UIUC chemistry department by organizing activities for community development, providing support for students, and showcasing positive role models in the scientific community. All LGTQ+ and allied graduate students and postdocs are welcome to participate in our public events! Contact OIC at for more information.


Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM) at Illinois is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally professional society dedicated to the development and support of students in STEM. Bringing together networks of students and professionals in industry and academia, meetings consist of networking opportunities, career advice, social events, and advocacy of the LGBTQIA+ community. Students build skills for the promotion of their individual careers while learning more about LGBTQIA+ culture and history." oSTEM meets every Thursday at 8pm in the LGBT Resource Center. To learn more about oSTEM, please email


Pride is a group for all LGBTQIA+ people and their allies at the University of Illinois. Pride is about creating queer spaces on campus that celebrate LGBTQIA+ culture and community. Our meetings range from social to informational to educational. Pride meets every Tuesday at 8pm in the LGBT Resource Center. To learn more about Pride, please email

Queer Library Alliance

The Queer Library Alliance (QLA) is a group for iSchool students to explore ways that librarians and archivists can provide better service for their LGBTQ patrons. Social aspects of this group include reading recommendation parties, attending CU Pride in September, and general outings throughout the year. Professional development of our members is a critical part of QLA, as well. To learn more about QLA and its meeting information, please email

Rainbow International

Rainbow International is an LGBTQ+ community made by and for queer international students here at the University of Illinois. International and domestic folks from all walks of life are welcome to join our community. We strive to provide a space in which queer students can feel safe, socialize, and find the resources they need. Rainbow International meeting TBD. To learn more about Rainbow International, please email


Techfront is a queer-friendly club about movies, TV, board games, and minor hooliganism. Most importanltly, it's about friendship. If you're wondering where on campus you can watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, play Pandemic, and stay up until 2am talking about bread all in the same night, you've found the right place. Techfront meetings TBD. To learn more about Techfront, please email

Trans of Color

Trans of Color (TOC) is a safe space for trans* people of color (TPOC) to socialize and find a community on campus. TOC is a place for TPOC to socialize and discuss topics concerning our shared TPOC identities with a focus on intersectionality. Meetings are meant to be fun, affirming, and low pressure. We welcome all TPOC to come and find a sense of community with us! TOC meetings TBD. To learn more about TOC, please email

Women of Pride

Women of Pride is a student group for all queer identities and allies that advocate for queer liberation and safe, supportive space to gather. We informally educate the campus community of cultural, political, and other social issues related to LGBTQ+ experiences. One of our goals is to foster a sense of community amongst people of all genders and sexualities and highlight the importance of intersectionality. Women of Pride meets every Friday at 6:30pm in the LGBT Resource Center. To learn more about Women of Pride, please email