Notable Allies

Now accepting nominations for the Notable Ally Award

Previously "Ally of the Month," Notable Allies recognizes members of the campus community (both individuals and groups) who have demonstrated outstanding LGBTQ allyship.

Queers and Allies (Q&A) Committee formerly the Ally Network Training Committee (ANTC) will review nominations for the Notable Allies recognition program on a monthly basis. Those selected will be highlighted in the final fall and spring semester newsletters and will receive recognition on the Queers and Allies outreach page of the LGBT Resource Center website. Permission will be obtained from those selected before publicizing in the newsletter and on the website.

Nominations can be made by anyone, including Q & A members. The committee will consider staff, faculty, students, offices/departments, and groups. Individuals may not nominate themselves; however, they may nominate a group or department of which they are a part. Current Q & A members are excluded from being nominated, but previous members may be considered. Each person or group will only be recognized one time by the program.


1. Nominees for the Notable Allies recognition program consistently demonstrate ally behavior, defined as: “One whose personal commitment to dismantling discrimination and prejudice is reflected in a willingness to educate oneself, challenge one’s own prejudices, and interrupt discriminatory remarks, behaviors, policies, and institutional structures.” (Cultural Bridges, 1995)

2. Nominators will be asked to provide 2-3 examples of the nominee’s allyship.

3. The committee highly recommends nominees who have the support of students in their nomination, where possible.

4. The committee may follow up with the nominator for more information or for an additional recommender.

5. Nominators will also be asked to provide their name, relationship to the nominee, contact info, and contact info for the nominee.

Please follow the link here to complete the online nomination form.