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Meeting your goals, achieving your dreams

The La Casa META Program is designed for all undergraduate students to forge paths and create networks to achieve academic success and personal growth. Through the META Program, La Casa Cultural Latina promotes retention, service, and achievement to turn today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders, professionals, and community organizers.

What does the META Program do?

  • Encourages students to define and set goals and work together.
  • Develops strategies and timelines to achieve those goals.
  • Directs you to campus resources to identify your strengths and acquire the skills you need to achieve academic success.
  • Allows you to choose among the different programs and workshops that La Casa offers to help with your academic and personal achievement. Along with the small group interaction, La Casa hosts programs such as Lunch @ La Casa, and every other Monday with LRN.
  • Creates a sense of collective responsibility among META members and urges all students to get involved with Latinas/os on and off-campus through mentoring and college recruitment programs, citizenship workshops, and community actions and celebrations.

META Workshops:

META workshops are held every Monday at 6 p.m. at La Casa Cultural Latina, Room 116.

META/Latinx Resilience Network Workshop schedule for Fall 2020:

Monday-Sept. 14 @ 6pm META

Monday-Sept. 21 @ 6pm LRN
Monday-Sept. 28 @ 6pm META
Monday-Oct. 5 @ 6pm LRN
Monday-Oct. 12 @ 6pm META
Monday-Oct. 19 @ 6pm LRN
Monday-Oct. 26 @ 6pm META
Monday-Nov. 2 @ 6pm LRN
Monday-Nov. 9 @ 6pm META
Monday-Nov. 16 @ 6pm LRN
Monday-Nov. 30 @ 6pm META
Monday- Dec. 7 @ 6pm META/LRN Social 

Information & Questions:

For more information or questions, please contact Jorge Mena Robles, Assistant Director.