Resources to Help Continue the Dialogue

Continue the Dialogue

The University of Illinois offers a number of opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to build critical dialogue skills and understand the diversity of opinions on campus. Below is an incomplete list of training, course, and dialogue opportunities available.

Ally Trainings

Trained presenters across campus lead a variety of trainings on how to understand and support various groups on campus. Here are just a few:

Disability Allyship Program
ICARE: Sexual Assault Bystander Intervention Workshop
LGBT Ally Network
Racial Justice Allies & Advocates
Veterans 101 | Contact Dr. Catherine York or Jason Sakowski for upcoming dates
Undocumented/DACA Students Ally Program | Contact Dr. Gioconda Guerra Perez for upcoming dates

EPSY 203: Social Issues Dialogue Courses

EPSY 203 is a 2nd 8-week course that provides students with opportunities to engage in a structured dialogue format to explore intergroup differences and similarities within historical and contemporary contexts. Sections this semester include Conservative/Liberal Dialogue, Exploring Social Class, Being White in a Multiracial Society, and US/International Dialogue. Register on course explorer, or learn more on the course site.

University Housing Social Justice Leadership Education Mingles

Weekly community dialogues facilitated by multicultural advocates, in each residence hall.