Resources for International Students through Student Affairs

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Here is a selection of programs particularly for international students!


International Student Orientation
Series of transitional programs for new undergraduate international students. Sponsored by ODOS-New Student Programs and ISSS.

International Family Welcome
Provides families with a broad overview on safety, wellness, academics and the services and resources available to them as part of the campus community. Sponsored by the Illini Union and New Student Programs. Learn more about programs for Parents and Families

Welcome Reception for International Students
Learn about the Asian American Cultural Center and International Education resources available to students. Sponsored by the Asian American Cultural Center.

International Student Fun Night
Social time for new international student including multiple activities, games with prizes, and food. Sponsored by the Illini Union, ISSS, and New Student Programs. Learn more about International Student Fun Night

International Student Skate
Welcome event for international students. Sponsored by Campus Rec, ISSS, and New Student Programs.


Fall Break “Cooking with Chefs”
Invites international and domestic students who stay on campus during break to interact with each other and with Chefs at University Housing Dining Services. They learn to cook a dish with the chefs or share how to cook a traditional dish from their home country, region and culture! Sponsored by International Education

Global Crossroads Living Learning Community
Living learning community for residents who are interested in world events, planning a future that includes international work/service, or who want to learn from different cultures. Sponsored by University Housing. Learn more about Global Crossroads Living Learning Community

iCU Intercultural Dialogue Series
Features individual stories by international students shared among international and domestic students every other week. Sponsored by International Education, OIIR, IAGE, and the Asian American Cultural Center. Learn More about iCU

GLOBE: Global Leaders - Orange and Blue Engagement

Provide opportunities for domestic and international students to network and develop leadership skills, and help all students develop global awareness and cultural competency Frequency: Every Semester. Sponsored by International Education Learn more about GLOBE

InterConnect Workshop Series
Series of workshops for international students to assist with getting acclimated to life as a student in the United States and how to thrive at their new university. Sponsored by International Education, AAA, Counseling Center, and ISSS. Frequency: Bi-weekly. Learn more about InterConnect

Global Engagement Lounge (GEL)
GEL is a unique place where you can meet other international and domestic students, enjoy interactive activities and transoform your Illinois experience. Learn more about GEL


The Career Center International Student Page
A career website targeting international students. Sponsored by The Career Center Go to the INTLconnect website

UIUC International Alumni and Students Network (LinkedIn group)
A LinkedIn group where international students and alumni connect and exchange career information. Sponsored by The Career Center. Learn more about this group on LinkedIn

Global Career Network (GCN)
A regular meeting platform between the Career Center and leaders of 15 international student RSOs. Frequency: 3 times a year. Sponsored by The Career Center and ISSS.

International Career Festival (ICF)
A one-day career event for international students comprised of career competitions, alumni networking, and educational workshops. Frequency: Once a Year in Fall Semester. Sponsored by The Career Center and the Career Service Council

Illinois International Networking in Chicago
A networking event happening in Chicago where international students meet alumni with international background. Frequency: Once a Year in Spring Semester. Sponsored by The Career Center and ISSS

Career Certificate - International Students (CC-I)
A 9-week cohort career development program for international students; 7 weekly workshops, 30 online milestones and 1 elevator pitch competition. Sponsored by The Career Center. Learn more about this certificate program

Global Career Opportunity (GCO) Series
A series of workshops for returning international students on re-entry preparation, country -specific job market resources and multi-cultural competencies in career development. Frequency: 2-3 workshops per semester. Sponsored by The Career Center.

INTLconnect Workshop Series
A series of international student workshops for LinkedIn use, best job search resources, and professional communication. Frequency: 3 workshops per semester. Sponsored by The Career Center.


Student Legal Services
Helps students with a variety of issues such as translation of documents, validity of driver's licenses, utilities, general legal consultation, etc. Frequency: ongoing. Sponsored by ODOS-Student Legal Services and the College of Law

Tenant Union
Helps student understand lease clauses and teaches to negotiate changes in contract. Office has 2 Chinese translators. Sponsored by ODOS-Tenant Union. Learn more about the Tenant Union


Indoor World Cup
Annual 6 on 6 soccer indoor soccer tournament between country-affiliated teams. Frequency: Once per semester. Sponsored by Campus Rec and ISSS. Learn more about the Indoor World Cup

International Women's Day Brunch
Honoring students, staff, faculty and organizations that are working to improve the lives of girls and women globally. Frequency: Once per year in March. Sponsored by the Women’s Resources Center. Learn more about the International Women’s Day Brunch