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5 Days for Change

Be a part of the next Five Days for Change, June 10-14, 2019. Register today!

Five Days for Change is an intensive training program designed to provide university staff members with the opportunity to acquire and strengthen cultural competencies, awareness, and skills. This training will increase the visibility, skill, and effectiveness of allies in the cause of social justice and campus civility as critical campus incidents arise.

The training is facilitated by university staff members from across Student and Academic Affairs. Participants in this weeklong training will:

  • acquire a working knowledge of the factors that influence the Illinois climate for traditionally marginalized groups
  • examine how their own power, privilege, and position can influence positive change in our campus climate, and
  • gain skills in working in cross-cultural environments. 

Five Days for Change is available to all staff members who are open to understanding the impact their identities have in our work, have prior experience working with diverse groups of people and with cross-cultural conflicts, and are willing to engage in dialogue about critical campus issues. Registration to attend is $325, which includes meals and educational materials. 

Registration for this program will be accepted pending departmental approval and space availability. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting training opportunity, contact us at