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Affiliated Student Organizations

Our Affiliated Registered Student Organizations

The Women's Resources Center accepts applications for Registered Student Organizations (RSO) affiliation on a rotating basis. More information on the benefits and responsibilities on WRC RSO affiliation can be found below in the Affiliation form.

WRC RSO Affiliation Form 2018-2019


Benefits of affiliation include:

  • Advising support from the WRC professional staff
  • Opportunities to co-sponsor events with the WRC
  • Visibility on the WRC website as an affiliated RSO
  • Publicity in the WRC newsletter and social media
  • Option to host meetings or events at the WRC, or assistance in reserving other spaces on campus
  • Assistance with archiving, by holding onto digital and hard copies of documents that would help conserve RSO history
  • Attending WRC RSO Coordinating Council meetings (an opportunity to meet and collaborate with students from other affiliated RSOs)


Currently, the following RSOs are affiliated with the WRC


Women of Color

Mission: Under the leadership of the president, Women of Color will be entirely dedicated to providing support, unity, and education for minority women on this campus and around the community. Members of Women of Color will be responsible for creating fulfilling and long lasting relationships, supporting, unifying, and educating other members, relatives, friends, and other women through substantial programming, service of the campus and community, and exemplary behavior.

Meetings: Wednesdays 5:30pm - 7:00pm, Lincoln Hall 1090.

Leadership: Eriele Tellis, President | Tia Keeton, Vice-President.

Contact: ; 

Links: @WOC_UIUC Twitter & Instagram



Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA)

Mission: SASA is an organization that is responsible for facilitating meetings and programs in order to spread awareness about sexual assault, support survivors of sexual assault, and work towards making policy changes on the UIUC campus.

Leadership: President, Sarah Graves (she/her/hers)


Meetings: Weekly on Thursdays at 7pm at the Women’s Resources Center



Society for Underrepresented Physics Students (SUPS)

Mission:  To establish a community for empowering underrepresented minority students in physics, and to educate all students about racial, religious, cultural, gender, and sexuality biases in physics and at large.

Meetings: Thursdays at 7pm in Loomis 222

Leadership: Presidents, Amy Wu and Carla Stelsel






Students with Families

Mission: Recognizing that students with families experience unique challenges while pursuing higher education, we aim to foster a feeling of meaningful family-friendly commitment  to the development of the full scholar.

Contact: Lisa Perez (



Girl Up LogoGirl Up UIUC


Mission: The purpose of Girl Up UIUC is to promote gender equality both campus-wide and worldwide. Girl Up UIUC is devoted to fundraising for girls in underdeveloped nations, empowering members, and spreading awareness about gender inequality in our world.


Leadership: President, Meghan Mokate | Treasurer, Erica Hackett | Secretary, Joseph Uhrich | Vice President of Internal Affairs, Marielle Davidson | Vice President of Outreach, Anne Mokate | Vice President of Fundraising, Natalie Brady