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Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

Volunteer at Women’s Resources Center

How do I become a volunteer at the Women’s Resources Center?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out this form. Once the form is completed, a staff member will get in contact with you about volunteer orientations. All volunteers must complete the WRC Volunteer Orientation prior to their first day of volunteering. 

The first round of volunteer orientations for Spring 2018 have already occurred. More orientations may be scheduled in February.


What is the time commitment for volunteering at the WRC?

All WRC volunteers must commit to a two hours of volunteer work per week for one full semester at minimum to qualify to volunteer.

Volunteers sign a commitment contract at the beginning of each semester to (re)commit themselves to working at the WRC.

We will help volunteers develop personal and professional skills; gain valuable experiences in women’s organizing, and strengthen our campus community’s dedication to gender equality.

How many volunteers does the Women’s Resources Center take on?

We can take between 10-20 volunteers per semester—each making a minimum commitment of two hours per week.

Who can volunteer? What do volunteers do at the WRC?

We are committed to diversity of identities and encourage people of all genders and variances to apply to be a part of the WRC volunteer family. We also encourage faculty, staff, and community members to volunteer, too!

Volunteers form the backbone of our campus unit. They exemplify grassroots organizing within the WRC and help shape the way the WRC fulfills its mission on campus.

Volunteers assist administratively within the office; host events, programs and workshops; distribute information about our services and activities; and help assess and envision the evolution of our center.



Interns develop a more intensive and responsible relationship with the Women’s Resources Center by providing more time commitment and participating in a specialized project/s. We make a commitment to provide you with an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills which will ensure a greater experience to make you more employable after you graduate. Internships can also earn credit hours as an independent study through Gender and Women’s Studies. Internships must be individually arranged with a staff member.

The Women’s Resources Center currently has four open intern positions for Spring 2018:
1. Communications & Marketing Internship
2. International Women's Day Internship
3. Sexual Assault Awareness Month Internship (Programming)
4. Women's History Month Internship