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Make a Gift to the WRC

What Your Donation to the Women’s Resources Center CAN DO!!

  • $5 can purchase menstrual supplies for the restroom
  • $10 purchases a package of t-shirts for a Clothesline Project shirt-making workshop
  • $20 will buy a new children’s book for our library
  • $30 will purchase a subscription to a magazine or newsletter to keep our students informed
  • $50 provides frames for our annual Healing Works exhibition, an annual part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the Boneyard Arts Festival
  • $100 provides the public-viewing rights to show a documentary film on a women’s/gender issue
  • $250 provides lunch for 50 attendees at our Dish It Up/Lunch on Us lecture series
  • $500 will pay for the Annual Take Back The Night event
  • $1,000 would purchase 20 additional chairs or one additional conference table for the Women’s Resources Center
  • $5,000 will contribute to the honorarium for a nationally-recognized speaker on a women’s issue
  • $10,000 could assist a woman student to pay her tuition and fees for the academic year