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Art @ the WRC

Art Exhibitions @ the WRC

The art exhibitions held monthly at the Women’s Resources Center feature work by student artists on campus that explore issues related to gender, sexuality, race, class, or (dis)ability.


Current Exhibit

The current exhibition is a collection of works by Veronica Clements aka LilVSwagPrincess. The art featured in this show, like her chosen name, is deliberately playful and embodies an emerging identity. The work combines references and media from childhood with past and present pop culture. The layered media challenges the notions of expected material and subject matter. Ironically addressing what it means to be female in the Art world, LilVSwagPrincess humorously explores the privilege, expectations, and challenges of art making. LilVSwagPrincess celebrates female identity, female friendships, and self love.

Veronica Clements is a senior pursuing her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting. She is interested in themes exploring women as both subject and artist in history. Her work is playfully confrontational, and she enjoys navigating uncertainty with a humorous approach. When she is not making art, she enjoys being with her 18 year old cat, who she sees as her cutest inspiration. Her favorite color is hot pink and she loves pizza.


Submitting an Exhibit

The Women’s Resources Center hosts art exhibitions throughout the year, and we're anxious to exhibit your work! We take work of all media, but prefer those that would be most easily exhibited at the WRC (such as medium-sized paintings, textile work, photography, etc.). Special consideration will be given to exhibits featuring intersectional representations, or explore women's history. This should not preclude anyone from submitting. 

If you are interested in submitting your art for consideration, please fill out the this form

If you have any questions, please email with the subject line “ATTN: Art Exhibition” or phone at 217.333.3137.