Dish It Up | Lunch on Us Series

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Dish It Up

Join us for our Dish It Up/Lunch on Us Series at the Women's Resources Center every 2nd & 4th Monday at noon (12 p.m. CST), while listening to speakers, lecturers, and panelists explore a variety of topics at the intersection of gender and other social identities. Dish It Up and the Lunch on Us programs from OIIR offer a unique opportunity to engage with your peers in a rewarding discussion of identity, social phenomena, and justice on campus.

Should you require any additional accommodations (large print programs, ASL interpreter, visual/audio assistance, etc.), please contact the Women's Resources Center at, or phone at 217.333.3137 at your earliest convenience. 

Fall 2022 Schedule

  • September 12- Empowering Youth to Embrace Everyday Leadership with Bushra Amiwala --> This event will be held at 306 Coble Hall. Join us in lieu of our regular Dish It Up schedule by registering to attend by September 9 and receive free lunch! 
  • September 26 - Non-traditional college students and the disproportionate challenges women face with Michelle Awad, Visiting Odyssey Project Advisor and Instructor
  • October 10 - Roller Derby: Finding Your Community (On Skates) with Twin City Derby Girls
  • October 24- Dog Whistles and Wedge Politics: The Past, Present, and Future of Anti-Trans Girl Legislation in the U.S. with Dr. Z Nicolazzo
  • November 14 - with Mariana Ortega & Denise Poindexter, hosts of the The Complicated DM podcast
  • November 28A Black Woman’s Right to Choose: Race and Reproductive Rights Activism in Britain with Priyanka Zylstra


Dish It Up/Quench Collaborations

  • August 29 - Meet Our New Staffs

  • October 31 - A History of Witches: BIPOC, feminists, and queer folx with Amie Baumeister & Alex Rosado-Torres

Paid for in part by Student Cultural Programming Fee. A PDF of this calendar can be accessed here. For a complete listing of OIIR’s Lunch on Us program, view the full schedule.

Curious what past Dish It Up: Lunch on Us events have included? Learn more, here (or for an accessible PDF, here).