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Health and Body Image Programs

Health & Body Image Programs

Sexual Health Series | “Taking Health into Her Hands”

Our Sexual Health Series, sponsored by the Women’s Resources Center and McKinley Health Center’s Sexual Health Division, is a four-part workshop series designed to give students the tools they need to take control of their health! Each two-hour workshop offers comprehensive information, opportunities for students to ask questions, and a sex-positive, queer-affirming space for exploring options, alternatives, and how to support health in ourselves and each other. Sessions occurs weekly and refreshments are provided.

Past workshops include:

Menstrual Health Workshop

In this workshop, participants will explore menstrual health—how to identify a healthy and unhealthy menstrual cycle, cultural histories of menstruation, and comprehensive information about alternative menstrual products (pros and cons). Vulva models are used to teach women about the 28-day menstrual cycle.

Birth Control Workshop

In this workshop, participants will explore birth control—the pros and cons of various types of birth control measures, things to consider when choosing a birth control method for you, and deconstructing myths and shifting discourse to promote sexual health.

Breast Health Workshop

In this workshop, participants will explore breast health—how to perform breast self-exams (BSE), promote breast health through nutrition, and understand breast cancer risk factors and risk-reduction strategies. Silicone breast models are used to teach women how to conduct a BSE and identify changes in breast tissue.

Cervical Health Workshop

In this workshop, participants will explore cervical health—how to prevent cervical health issues (HPV, cervical cancer, etc.), promote cervical health through healthy practices, and understand cervical cancer risk factors and risk-reduction strategies. As a safe space for women to ask questions, we'll work to dispel myths and help women take control of their cervical health!

Exploring Sexuality and Disability

In this workshop, participants will explore sexuality for persons with disabilities—from pleasure to consent, desire to sexual communication. As a safe space to ask questions, students with disabilities and able-bodied students alike will gain information about supporting health sexual relationships among people of all abilities and students will also learn how sexuality and disability can open new doors to thinking about intimacy, trust, and healthy relationships.

Body Image/Body Politics Programs

Women and girls in our society are subject to an increasing level of scrutiny related to their appearance. Fashion, social media, the fitness and weight-loss industry, peer and family pressure, commercial media all demand an image that is narrow, constrained, and generally not attainable for most college women. In addition to our annual activities during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, the Women’s Resources Center provides many workshops and events that focus on body image and the media representation of the female body in an attempt to broaden the societal definition of beauty and enhance esteem for all body shapes, sizes, abilities and styles. Such programs are available throughout the year and can be tailored to the needs of your organization or group.

In the past year these efforts have included:

  • Films, both documentary and commercial
  • Response/writing campaigns directed at sexist, racist, ableist advertising
  • ’Zine and other art-making workshops
  • Spoken word artists and other performance productions
  • Book clubs/reading circles                                                      

If you have an interest in scheduling a film and discussion, workshop or other event, please contact the Women’s Resources Center or phone 217.333.3137.