this week at OIIR

Find out about events on diversity, social justice, and cultural understanding at Illinois this week.

this week at OIIR

events for the week of April 20, 2015

Leadership awards ceremonies and an It's On Us all-campus event with Vice President Biden are all happeneing this week! Find out more about this week's events.

report acts of intolerance

Do your part and report acts of intolerance that you see on campus.

report acts of intolerance

To report acts of intolerance: (1) call 911 or 9–911 from a campus phone if injured or if there is concern of immediate danger; (2) send an e-mail to; (3) submit an anonymous report online; or (4) contact the Office of the Dean of Students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (217) 333–0050. Help stop hate—report it! Here's why.

lunch on us

Somewhere on campus, every weekday at noon, you can have Lunch on Us. Lunch is free and open to all!

lunch on us

for the week of April 20, 2015

Monday :: Dish It Up

Women's Resources Center, 703 S. Wright St., 2nd floor

"Craving the Other: Cultural Appropriation and Traditional Food Practices," Dr. Pilar Eguez, PhD., Postdoctoral Fellow, Kinesiology and Community Health

Tuesday :: Food for Thought at AACC

Grab a Seat at the Table: Let’s Talk About Public Engagement, Tina Wei Smith, U of I Alum & Educator

Wednesday :: Food for the Soul at BNAACC

International Students Experiences Collide: Student Panel on African & Asian International Student Experience, AACC, BNAACC, ACA, ASO

Thursday :: Lunch @ La Casa

Baiana Hip-Hop: African Diaspora. Latin America and Critical Black Self-Making, Bryce Hanson, Graduate Student, History

Friday :: Conversation Café

Challenging Color-blind Racial Ideology as a Way of Promoting Transformative Learning Environments, Dr. Helen A. Neville, Counseling Psychology and African-American Studies

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training opportunities

Find out about training opportunities on campus through OIIR and Student Affairs at Illinois.

certificates, workshops, & courses

Learn more about dialogue, facilitation, and social justice issues.

get involved

Dedicated to diversity? Facilitate important conversations and change your campus!

get involved

Apply to be an I-Connect Facilitator

Diversity & Social Justice Education is looking for undergraduate students to facilitate I-Connect Diversity and Inclusion workshops starting in Spring 2014. During these workshops, new students will take a look beyond “diversity” and focus on some of the skills that we all use that promote inclusion and community. Experience facilitating difficult conversations is a must! The position is paid, and interviews will be held in mid-October. Students of color, LGBTQ, and students with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply. Apply now.