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this week at AACC:

For this semester's installment of the AACC Book Club, we will be reading In the Absence of Sun, by Helie Lee. This is the true story of Helie following through on the promise she made to her grandmother.  She embarks on a mission to free her uncle from North Korea and finally rejoin her grandmother with her eldest son after forty years of separation. Helie and her father push through Korean rivers and forests, bribing and manipulating border guards and gangsters. Reading like an action-packed thriller, IN THE ABSENCE OF SUN is a real-life daring escape and Helie Lee, honest and determined, is a woman to behold. Come pick up a copy at the AACC ($10 per copy) or check it out from the University library near you.

List of Events:

      Author Meet & Greet
Part of our Chai Time Series
      Date & Time: Monday, March 16th at 6:00pm-8:00pm
     Location: The Asian American Cultural Center 1210 W. Nevada Street
     During the meet and greet, attendees have the opportunity to speak with the author about the themes and intricate details of The Absence of Sun

      Author Visit- Exploring In the Absence of Sun
      Part of our Food For Thought Lunch Series
      Date & Time: Tuesday, March 17th at 12:00pm-1:00pm
      Location: The Asian American Cultural Center 1210 W. Nevada Street
     Helie Lee will be presenting on Tuesday, March 17th at 12:00pm for our weekly Food For Thought program.

Helie Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her family moved to Montreal, Canada when she was four years old. A year later, they emigrated to the United States, settling in California. Lee graduated from UCLA in 1986 with a college degree in Political Science. Lee became active in raising awareness of human rights issues for North Korean defectors. In 2002, she testified before the Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Immigration to urge increased American support for North Korean refugees. Her other works include Still Life With Rice (1997) and a documentary: Macho Like Me (2010).

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