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Mission & Goals


The mission of Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center is to provide a network of programs and support services promoting the individual, social, cultural and academic well-being of Illinois’ African American students. We develop sustainable initiatives that examine the Black experience in the United States and throughout the African Diaspora via critical dialogue, heritage exploration and the performing arts. Furthermore, we challenge all Illinois students to critically assess their role as global citizens and to consciously advocate for a respectful campus environment and community.


  • To serve as a vehicle for self-expression and leadership enhancement to students of African descent through the vehicles of workshops, seminars, and performing arts groups.
  • To promote campus-wide understanding of the unique contributions of African Americans to the life and culture of the campus, the nation and indeed the world.
  • To encourage within African American students a growing sense of pride and dignity based on their rightful cultural heritage, and to assist them in acquiring a growing cultural awareness.
  • To provide assistance to African American student organizations on the Urbana campus.
  • To provide opportunities for all students to engage in the vital cultural and social experience of meeting, interacting with, and learning from students of diverse backgrounds.
  • To facilitate meaningful relationships and networking opportunities between African American students and Illinois alumni.