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April 15, 2016

Dear Campus Community members,

This morning, staff at the Women’s Resources Center were greeted with chalking outside our entrance, similar to the offensive chalkings which have been seen on the Quad and in front of other campus buildings, including Latina/Latino Studies, in the past two weeks.

Freedom of speech carries a responsibility to be thoughtful and sensitive. We should all have the intelligence and compassion to recognize the power of words and expressions that may threaten others or trigger an emotional response based on the personal experiences we or someone we care about have endured.

We’re better than this! Let’s work towards a community that recognizes the value of difference and unites around the ideals of consideration and empathy towards others.


Patricia Morey, Assistant Dean and Director of Women's Resources Center

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Join in events and activities to educate yourself and others. Check out the calendar.

Women's Resources Center is a confidential resource center related to sexual assault/rape, sexual harassment, stalking, and abuse within a relationship (sometimes called dating or domestic violence).

We offer confidential supportive counseling, advocacy services, resources, and referral services. Three staff members at the Women's Resources Center provide students with confidential supportive counseling and advocacy services. To make an appointment, call (217) 333-3137 or email:

Pat Morey, Assistant Dean/Director, pmorey@illinois.edu
Rachel Storm, Assistant Director, rstorm2@illinois.edu
Molly McLay, Assistant Director, mclay1@illinois.edu

Visit the new We Care website for more information: http://wecare.illinois.edu/

Women's Resources Center is located at 703 S. Wright Street, 2nd floor, Champaign, IL.

We are open Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 9:30pm and Friday from 8:30am to 5pm.

Learn more about us.

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