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Verdell Frazier Young Awards for Women

Are you a woman student who needs financial assistance for college tuition and fees? You may be eligible for a Verdell Frazier Young Award! Check it out: http://oiir.illinois.edu/womens-center/resources/verdell-frazier-young-awards-women

Designed as a space for workshops, activities, meetings and relaxation, the Women's Resources Center develops and implements a wide range of services, events and programs addressing gender and women's issues at the University of Illinois. The Women's Resources Center provides information and support services on a wide variety of issues and provides a central location to refer students to campus and community resources. We're committed to creating community among students, student groups, community members, staff and faculty. Interested in being a part of what we do? Please explore our website to learn more about our programs!

The Women's Resources Center at the University of Illinois was established to:

  • empower women and strengthen alliances with men

  • offer opportunities for all students, including trans and gender non-conforming students to participate in all programs and services

  • build leadership skills

  • challenge sexism, racism, heterosexism, ableism and all forms of social oppression

  • achieve greater gender equity and cultural diversity

We’re committed to creating community among students, student groups, and the University of Illinois. We’re committed to YOU! Check out what we are doing! All genders are welcome at the Women’s Resources Center!

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