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Leadership Development

The AACC leadership initiatives are aimed at helping student leaders strengthen their leadership skills, connect students to resources, and better navigate the university system so that they can better lead their organizations and have increased success at their events. Below you will find a list of our leadership opportunities.

Leadership Dinner

Every month, the AACC hosts a Leadership Dinner. These dinners serve to connect student leaders with one another as well as with campus resources. Each month we invite a special campus guest to introduce themselves, their office, and the resources they have to offer. During these dinners we also inform student officers about leadership opportunities happening on campus. 

Spring 2020 Dinner Schedule

February 25, 2020 5pm-6pm

Guest presenters:

  • Jaki Yi, AACC Graduate Assistant
  • JP Lavengco, AACC Undergraduate Intern 

March 31, 2020 5pm-6pm

Guest presenters:

  • The Career Center 
  • University Library and Archives

Leadership Development Trainings & Workshops 

Staff at the AACC can also designed specific workshops and trainings for student leaders, student organizations, residence halls, and local Champaign-Urbana community. Feel free to contact Christina Carpio, Assistant Director, for more information.