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I-Connect Diversity & Inclusion Workshop

I-Connect Diversity & Inclusion Workshop is an experiential training designed to help incoming students embrace differences and recognize shared experiences in order to build a welcoming and engaged campus community. 

Facilitated by fellow students, I-Connect uses collaborative exercises and engaging discussion to build participants’ communication skills and their ability to collaborate, learn, and work in diverse environments. All of us—regardless of our experiences or social group membership—must understand both our similarities and our differences in order to work and live with one another. I-Connect workshops provide students with an opportunity to begin these important discussions and learn from each other. 

Attending I-Connect

During the Spring semester, first year  and transfer students will receive information about registering for their I-Connect Diversity & Inclusion workshop. Workshops will be held late January 25th through mid-March in residence halls and classrooms across campus. Students will receive further instructions on registering for their I-Connect workshops via e-mail in the late Fall and early Spring semesters. For more information on the I-Connect workshop, see the I-Connect FAQ

Interested in becoming an I-Connect facilitator?

Are you interested in topics related to diversity and social justice? Do you have experience leading or facilitating difficult conversations? I-Connect facilitators are university students who lead discussions about diversity on campus. Facilitators are hired in the Fall for positions facilitating in the Spring semester. For more information, e-mail

I-Connect Info

For more information about I-Connect diversity workshops, email us @ or call 217.244.1814.