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In light of recent national interest in sexual violence and its prevention, it is imperative that we all recognize that it is on us to take a stand against sexual violence. We hope that you take the opportunity to learn about bystander intervention through a new program offered through the Women’s Resources Center called ICARE.

ICARE is a 90-minute bystander intervention workshop offered to established groups and organizations on campus. In this highly interactive workshop, students will dialogue with peers in their organization about consent and sexually disrespectful behavior, understand what helps people intervene in sexually disrespectful situations, set a group norm in which sexually disrespectful behavior is recognized as a problem and active bystander behavior is promoted, and learn a variety of intervention skills. The workshop is also highly customizable and is built specifically for group members to examine their values and how they can work together to end sexual violence.

If your group or organization would like to request an ICARE workshop, please fill out the following form: http://goo.gl/forms/jPnegDeoGG. The ICARE coordinator will get in contact with you to set up a workshop. Questions? Contact Molly McLay: mclay1@illinois.edu.

Women's Resources Center is a confidential resource center related to sexual assault/rape, sexual harassment, stalking, and abuse within a relationship (sometimes called dating or domestic violence).

We offer confidential supportive counseling, advocacy services, resources, and referral services. Three staff members at the Women's Resources Center provide students with confidential supportive counseling and advocacy services. To make an appointment, call (217) 333-3137 or email:

Pat Morey, Assistant Dean/Director, pmorey@illinois.edu
Rachel Storm, Assistant Director, rstorm2@illinois.edu
Molly McLay, Assistant Director, mclay1@illinois.edu

Visit the new We Care website for more information: http://wecare.illinois.edu/

Women's Resources Center is located at 703 S. Wright Street, 2nd floor, Champaign, IL.

We are open Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 9:30pm and Friday from 8:30am to 5pm.

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Dear Campus Community,                                                                                                                           10/28/15
  On Tuesday, The Daily Illini published a syndicated cartoon about Halloween depicting someone in a “costume” climbing over a fence that reads “I’m going as an illegal immigrant!” Our students, alumni, staff, and families immediately raised their voices against such an offensive graphic. Later an apology was published by The Daily Illini. However, the issue here is not the limited time to review what was going to be published, or that it was a last minute addition to the newspaper. The issue is that an artist, a wire service, and newspaper staff all at some point thought that a cartoon denigrating human beings who have sacrificed so much for a better life and for more opportunities could be seen as funny. It is not funny at all. It is offensive, tasteless, and above all, racist.
  This cartoon depicts not only ignorance but lack of understanding about basic human rights. We have failed somehow to recognize that the more than 11 million undocumented people who are in this country have left everything they have—their families, their belongings, their country, their pride in many instances—to find a better life for their families and themselves. Today is another day in which an institution of power, in this case the media, offends an underrepresented group on campus, our DREAMers. These students, who were brought to this country as children, strive every single day to prove that they also have the right to be here. They have demonstrated that even without any federal or state financial aid, they are making it, they are achieving, and we are proud of them. Today, we stand with them, their friends, their families, and their allies to voice our anger and frustration. This is unacceptable, and an apology does not take away the hurt this has caused to them and to us.

In Solidarity,

Dr. Gioconda Guerra Perez
Director, La Casa Cultural Latina

Dr. David Chih
Director, Asian American Cultural Center

Leslie Morrow
Director, LGBT Resource Center

Ross Wantland
Director, Diversity & Social Justice Education

Dr. Jamie Singson
Director, Native American House

Patricia Morey
Director, Women’s Resources Center

Dr. Gigi Secuban
Interim Director, Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center
Director, Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Relations
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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