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Our Story


Women's Resources Center is responsible for improving the campus climate for women and developing and implementing programs that address women's issues and gender-related concerns.

  • works in collaboration with other University units and community organizations
  • provides advocacy and support for women's concerns
  • initiates and sponsors educational and professional development programs for and about women
  • provides information, counseling, and guidance to women seeking assistance
  • assists committees, departments, and offices seeking to enhance opportunities for women students
  • makes recommendations on policies of concern to women
  • increases sensitivity in the campus community to gender-based issues
  • works to correct gender-based inequities
  • provide women opportunities to recognize, celebrate and strengthen their diversity, cultures, abilities, experiences and identities
  • expand the understanding of issues which affect women and encourage people of all genders to take an active role in these issues
  • identify personal, social, economic and political issues which adversely affect women
  • offer support through counseling, advocacy, education, financial awards and social action
  • provides services to all students regardless of race, gender, color, religion, sexual/affectional preference, age, ability, economic class, or any other identity

Goals and Objectives

Increase the awareness and sensitivity of the campus community to gender based issues and work to correct gender based inequities;

Provide support and advocacy for students dealing with issues such as abuse within a relationship, sexual violence, body image, stalking and harassment, gender bias, safety and other related concerns;

Promote educational and personal development experiences through collaboration with a variety of campus units and community organizations;

Anticipate and respond to the changing role of gender within our society to enhance the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social well-being of members of the campus community.

We Challenge Ourselves & Our Students to:

  • be aware of women’s and gender issues on campus and in the community
  • challenge sexism, racism, heterosexism, ableism and all forms of social oppression
  • work to achieve greater gender equity and cultural diversity
  • create a stronger sense of community within campus and in the greater C-U community
  • honor individual women’s achievements and contributions
  • explore and celebrate women’s cultural contributions and diverse identities
  • increase campus safety for people of all genders
  • enhance resources designed to empower our community and resist oppression

Our Her/history

1889—All women of the faculty and student body met for the first time as a Woman’s Department

1897—Trustees designate the Office of the Dean of Women Department, the first such office in the US, responsible for the general oversight of women students

1943—Office of the Dean of Women moved to the Dean of Students

1970—Office of Women’s Resources and Services established

1980—name changed to Office of Women’s Programs

2008—Office of Women’s Programs moved to the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Relations

2009—Women’s Resources Center established!

2014—5th Anniversary

2019—10th Anniversary Celebration! Watch for Celebration Details!