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Make a Gift to the WRC

You can help us to continue the work we do on behalf of students by making a contribution to the Women’s Resources Center. Any amount is appreciated and will create new and exciting ways for us to reach students with knowledge, skills, motivation to reach their dreams!

What Your Donation to the Women’s Resources Center CAN DO!!

  • $5 can purchase menstrual supplies for our restrooms
  • $10 purchases a package of t-shirts for a Clothesline Project shirt-making workshop
  • $20 will buy a new children’s book for our library
  • $30 will purchase a subscription to a magazine or newsletter to keep our students informed
  • $50 provides frames for our annual Healing Works exhibition, an annual part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the Boneyard Arts Festival in April
  • $100 provides the public-viewing rights to show a documentary film on a women’s/gender issues
  • $250 provides lunch for 50 attendees at our Dish It Up—Lunch on Us Series
  • $500 will pay for the Annual Take Back The Night event
  • $1,000 would purchase 20 additional chairs or one additional conference table for the Women’s Resources Center
  • $5,000 will contribute to the honorarium for a nationally-recognized speaker on a women’s issue
  • $10,000 could assist four women students to pay her tuition and fees for the academic year

Gift Amount: $

(Please do not include dollar sign or commas.)

 *Your donation will go directly to the University of Illinois Foundation which then distributes the funds into Women’s Resources Center account. The Student Affairs Advancement Office notifies the women’s center staff of all financial contributions. The University of Illinois Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization, and as such, all gifts are tax deductible.

If you have any questions regarding your gift, or would like to receive further information about ways in which you can give to Women’s Resources Center, feel free to contact the Student Affairs Advancement Staff.