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Sexual Violence Prevention Programs

Sexual Violence Prevention Programs

ICARE—Bystander Intervention Training

In light of recent national interest in sexual violence and its prevention, it is imperative that we all recognize that it is on us to take a stand against sexual violence. Take the opportunity to learn about bystander intervention through a new program offered through the Women’s Resources Center called ICARE.

ICARE is a 90-minute bystander intervention workshop offered to established groups and organizations on campus. In this highly interactive workshop, students dialogue with peers in their organization about consent and sexually disrespectful behavior, understand what helps people intervene in sexually disrespectful situations, set a group norm in which sexually disrespectful behavior is recognized as a problem and active bystander behavior is promoted, and learn a variety of intervention skills. The workshop is also highly customizable and is built specifically for group members to examine their values and how they can work together to end sexual violence.

If your group or organization would like to request an ICARE workshop, fill out the following form: The ICARE coordinator will be in contact to set up a workshop. Questions? Contact Jaya Kolisetty:

Programs on Request

Workshops and presentations on sexual violence prevention and educational topics are available on request for any group or unit at the University. We will work with you to create a presentation tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.

Examples of places where programs have been done include:

  • Presentations in academic courses in communication, psychology, social work, and more
  • Fraternities and sororities seeking to fulfill chapter or national requirements
  • Student organizations and groups looking for workshops
  • Cultural centers and residence halls seeking programming
  • Paraprofessional, faculty, and staff training events

To schedule a presentation or workshop, please contact Jaya Kolisetty:

Other, ongoing campus initiatives coordinated by WRC to address sexual violence:


What defines a man? This question is rarely asked and even more rarely discussed—especially by men. ManTalks is an opportunity to discuss men’s issues in today’s society. Each talk will be an open conversation about a different topic concerning the development of men and the role that society plays in manhood. From how work defines us to sharing our emotions, ManTalks looks to examine how men are able to be who they want to be. Come join the conversation about men, with men, in an environment that hopes to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what a man “really” is. ManTalks is a collaboration between the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals and the Women’s Resources Center. It premiered in spring 2013 on Wednesday evenings; future scheduling will be determined at a later date.